Gallium Arsenide (GaAs)

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We have the following GaAs substrates from leading manufacturer AXT. Act now! At these prices the wafers won't last!

GaAs Specs/Pricing

axt gallium arsenide wafer gaas

Conduct Type: S-C-N
Dopant: 2" GaAs Te Doped
Orientation: (100) 2 deg off toward [101]+/-0.5 deg
Primary Flat" (0-1-1)+/-1 deg
Secondary Flat: (101)+/-2 deg
Carrier Concentration: (0.1-0.2)E18
Resistivity: (7.4-10.)E-3
Mobility: 3600-3700
Etch Pit Density (EPD):  8,000
Laser Marking: NONE
Thickness: 485+/-25um
Surface: SSP

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100 $29.90 each
25 $35.90 each
10 $39.90 each
5 $45.90 each
1 $59.90

Gallium Arsenide Solar Cell

We work with some of the larges Gallium Wafer supplier to Gallium Arsenide Solar Cellbring researchers low cost high quality substrates for:

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Gallium Arsenide MSDS available upon request!